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  • Franklinstraat 22, 1000 Brussels


Hairdressing salons - Ladies


  • 24 February 2015


    DO NOT GO THERE!!! RUDE EMPLOYEES AND SHADY PRICING!!! THIS REVIEW IS FOR DE ANGELIS in GALERIE de CINQUANTENAIRE I went to De Angelis in Galerie du Cinquantenaire three times; the first time I asked in advance how much it would be, the hairdresser looked at my hair and told me it would be 11; I then paid 9 Euro supplement for conditioner and 3 Euro extra for "special" (i.e. colour) shampoo. 23 Euro in total. Fair enough. Second time I went I had the same hairdresser, and had exactly the same thing done as the week before, but was charged 24 Euro at the end; I didn't ask, because 1 Euro difference is not a big deal, but clearly the lady remembered me from the week before, because she said "it is because you have long hair". Still fine. Not even a full week after that I went again for another blow-dry. Only this time, I was charged 33 Euro! When I enquired why there was a 9-10 Euro difference this time she just said "it is because you have long hair". I explained that my hair was still the same length as the last two weeks (which is a little bit longer than shoulder length - so not extremely long!), and reminded her what I paid then, she acted as if she did not remember me coming in and pointed to the pricing on the door. Now, all three times I was with the same hairdresser, and all the times I went I was the only client in the salon (already a bad sign I suppose!). I did not believe her not remembering me. I gave her the 33 Euros, but I told her that this was not okay, and she should have informed me in advance that there would be such a steep price difference this time. Only then (!) she replied that it was because last time her boss (who was not present that time) saw how much she charged me and told her I need to pay more because of the length of my hair. If it were up to her, I would pay 23 Euros. So if you go there, ALWAYS arrange a price beforehand. Although I thoroughly recommend you go to one of the other salons nearby, and AVOID DE ANGELIS altogether. Shady Pricing, rude employees - NOT WORTH IT!

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