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Why advertise via online advertising banners?

Achieve better results by using creative, original and effective online advertising banners. Target specific web users or go for the best coverage possible, for a period ranging from one month to a year, we can place your banner advertisements on websites, social networks and appropriate external advertising networks.
Our graphics department can create the actual banners for you - at no additional cost.


  • Build awareness for your brand
  • Target new customers
  • Become the business best known by your new and existing customers
  • Generate interaction with users
  • Track the return on your investment in your Business Center account

Creative and targeted online banner advertising

You want the best results? You’ll achieve them with creative online advertising banners. Animated flash banners invite internet users to click through to your website. What if you don’t have the expertise to build your own banners? Then will make them for you – at no extra cost. Why? Because we want you to achieve the best results possible.

Choose your target group

Increase your brand recognition and attract more customers. Direct your banner campaigns at different target groups. What if you want the most extensive reach possible? Place your banners on all websites and social networks that we know will work well. Or would you prefer to reach out only to users of your products and services? We have solutions that allow you to put your banners on websites and networks which are contextually relevant.

Specify your investment yourself and follow up on your online banner marketing

You can decide how long your banner advertising campaign will last: from one month to a year. Follow up on the returns on your investment by logging in to your Business Center account and see for yourself how your online banners have performed.